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Our CBD Cigarettes contain 100% Hemp flower buds (not trim =) 

Hemptastix CBD Cigarettes

A CBD Cigarette that contains CBD

We harvested our crop at night and hang it in drying barns with regulated temperature at 68 degrees.This is absolutely necessary as most of the plants terpenes and flavonoids (smells and flavors) decay at temperatures above 68 degrees. Once we reach peak dryness, we cured our plants to lock in their flavor and smell.You see smell and taste the difference 

Wow, I'm glad I found your brand. I thought all CBD cigarettes were equal. Best CBD Cigarettes by far!
Albert S.
Real Customer

Hemptastix CBD Cigarettes



Full of natural Terpenes

We don’t need to infuse terpenes when we use high-quality flower.

Taste & Smell the difference

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